Aaaaand…we’re back! We’ll get to the world falling apart at a later date. But for now, we check in on Kevin’s long overdue homework of watching Star Wars and other random things we saw/heard since the last episode.

(0:56) Kevin’s thoughts after finally watching the Star Wars films
(8:55) Kevin challenges Nic to watch a couple of his favorite films
(11:52) The guys dive into Kevin’s other catch-up assignment, The Goonies
(15:25) A recap of Netflix’s The OA
(19:26) Our yacht rock dreams came true with Thundercat’s “Show You the Way”

A couple things have been on our minds lately – Westworld(SPOILERS) and the NBA. We talk about both with our favorite art director, movie buff and NBA fan, John Jurik.

(0:50) John discusses his VHS obsession
(6:17) How Westworld blew our minds and changed the way we watched TV
(26:50) The state of our lowly Mavs and the early-season stories that have caught our attention

(0:21) Kevin and Nic introduce the podcast and themselves
(2:07) Huh? Kevin’s never seen Star Wars
(6:38) Donald Glover’s creative wave
(9:50) A Tribe Called Quest’s return to music and a little catch up on hip-hop
(12:58) Kevin’s plan for finally watching Star Wars and the rest of the classic movies he’s never seen